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Menopause at work

Knowledge is power - enabling women to understand menopause and its effects at home and work and improve both through support and education

Menopause is natural - all women will eventually experience it. For some, it will go almost unnoticed except for the tangibly obvious - lack of cycles. For others the time around the menopause will be marked with troublesome symptoms, sometimes leading to difficulties at home and work. Reports have shown that women value the opportunity to discuss openly the issues around menopause and how it affects them in the workplace. At a time when staff well being is considered to be of paramount importance, menopause should be considered an issue of relevance to all. 

Workplace sessions, led by experienced and expert nurse offer:

•What is normal, what is not?
• What can you do about it?
•How can you balance work stresses with hormones?

•Is there an alternative to HRT?
• Lifestyle choices to promote health at menopause

•Frequently asked questions
•Top Ten Tips for employers and managers
•Leaflets and resources​

Sessions are tailored made and can be run at any time on any day. The format is informal, confidential and humorous whilst offering serious knowledge sharing and empowerment though group discussion and information giving. Open to all. 


Rosemary Jeffers, Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager. Herts Police “Kathy is an expert in her field and her knowledge around this often taboo subject was impressive. She was able to dispel myths surrounding HRT and several women on her recommendation went to see their GPs and were started on HRT with a resulting improvement in their symptoms.”

Karen Brimson, Integrated Offender Management West LPA, Essex Police " I was surprised how much discussion was generated; women really appreciated the opportunity for open discussion with the privacy of an expert and work related problems were top of their agenda”

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