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Comments or Complaints?

At Coombe Menopause Clinic we strive for quality. It is our priority to put safety, expertise, and patient satisfaction at the core of  everything we do.


Our aim is to deliver exceptional levels of care and customer service to all our patients and customers.

When you feel our service has not met your expectations it’s imperative for us to know so that we may provide resolution and continually improve our care and service delivery.

To raise a concern

We are keen to resolve your concern at the time it occurs, ensuring the rest of your visit is as worry free as possible.

Should you have any concerns during the process of booking, at your appointment or afterwards, please raise these directly with us by emailing

Making a formal complaint

A complaints procedure is in place for patients who may not be satisfied with our services and wish to make a formal complaint. In the event you wish to make a written complaint please write to us (either by email or by post) to the C no later than six months after the incident occurred. If your concern took place more than six months after you have raised it we may not be able to fully assist you with your complaint.

All comments and complaints are investigated thoroughly and are confidential. 

Your letter should include a summary of your concerns and both where and when the events took place.

When a relative or friend wishes to raise a concern or complaint on your behalf we will require written consent from you before we can discuss information related to your care, in order to ensure your confidentiality is protected.

You can expect the complaint to be acknowledged within one working day of being received and responded to within seven working days.

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